Sportsfood Technologies

Sportsfood was started to merge sports, nutrition, and technology to help athletes of all ages and levels improve their performance.  Whether it’s you, your kids, your team, or your athlete-clients, Sportsfood will help you maximize your performance without adding unnecessary (and unwanted!) calories, sugars, carbs and food coloring to your workout program.


Sportsfood rapid electrolyte replacement sprays work to replenish your body with electrolytes before, during, and after all physical activities.  Sportsfood sprays use liposomal high-performance nutrient delivery that immediately begins to replace the natural vitamins and minerals which are depleted with exercise.  The Sportsfood formula was developed in close collaboration with top athletes as well as nutritional experts who provided specific and clear advice about how they want their bodies fueled.  Being hydrated is the single most important factor in activities of any intensity level.  Sportsfood focuses on delivering the key nutritional elements which hydration brings into your system.


Sportsfood will help you to not tire as quickly while it also significantly reduces muscle soreness during workouts, games and other physical activities. We have added Vitamin B6 and B12 for energy as well.  This will have you performing at optimum levels and give you a clear leg up on your competition, whether that is a Russian decathlete, your spin class instructor, your pee wee soccer opponent’s goalie, or your lawn mower!. The combination of our rapid electrolyte replacement spray and proper fluid intake will push you to peak performance rapidly and keep you there for a longer period.

We at Sportsfood want to offer active individuals – whether you are an elite athlete, a participant involved in any sport, or simply someone constantly in motion – the most complete, and easy to take, electrolyte replacement on the market today. We know our rapid electrolyte replacement strips will allow you to perform at maximum efficiency over extended periods of activity.  And, our Sportsfood strips are just the beginning!  Our mission is to make Sportsfood unique as a truly comprehensive nutritional partner. We are constantly working to develop other exciting and new nutritional products to maximize your performance over the wide variety of physical activities you do regularly.  We want you to always be at the top of your game, and together we can help keep you there!