Read what Cruz says about our BfitLabs Rapid Electrolyte Spray and her running of the 2017 Boston Marathon:

I found out about Bfit Rapid Electrolyte spray through Instagram. After trying different products for hydration and electrolytes, I decided to give bfit labs a try. The other products I had tried would give me stomach cramps and I would usually feel thirsty within 10 minutes of consuming it. Bfit electrolyte spray did not give me any stomach issues. It’s also easy to carry along, which is an added bonus.

I started using Bfit Rapid Electrolyte spray during my Boston Marathon training cycle. I also used it during the actual marathon. Even though the temperature was on the warm side during marathon, I felt hydrated using the electrolyte spray and drinking water every few miles.

I will continue to use Bfit Rapid Electrolyte spray for both running and lifting, as well as any future races.

  Cruz, is on her way to Boston to run in the Boston Marathon and taking our BFitLabs electrolyte sprays with her. She started using them in her training and now she will bring us and her water to Boston. According to Cruz, she likes how easy it is to carry and use and she no longer has the stomachs issues she used to have with sports drinks. “One of the best things I discovered during this training cycle was your electrolyte spray” stated Cruz. We will keep everyone updated in how she does and our spray in The Boston MArathon!!

Had to share these and give props to a great product…. In my opinion. 👍👍 I saw the picture the left from Friday’s Disney 10k and I could not figure out what in the world I was doing… Then I realized I was reaching for my @bfit_labs electrolyte spray in my back pocket!!! Leave it to the photographer to catch that moment lmao. But seriously any run over 30 minutes I always have my spray with me. Middle picture is where I keep my spray in my Nathan hydration pack. Back in August when I was training for Chicago Marathon I was getting bad cramps mid run. Found these guess on instagram and figured I would give it a try and no cramp issues since. Not only is the product good but they have been cheering me on the whole summer, fall and this past weekend at Disney. 100% unsolicited plug…. If you are looking for something to replace electrolytes during runs or work outs. Give it a try

I’ve gotta admit I was pretty skeptic about this stuff when I first heard of it, and even tried it.  Turns out I was in for a great surprise.  The concept of a spray electrolyte, as opposed to a capsule or dissolvable, is something I really like the thought of.  I just figured if it was something that wasn’t very feasible, or it would have been produced by one of the major companies by now.  I can’t figure out why it hasn’t been more prevalent on the market for years but Bfit Labs has really come out with a great product here.

I’ve tried just about everything at this point…capsules, water soluble, gels, gummies, bars, and the list goes on.  Yes, most of them work fine but there has been a downside to everything.  Such as the need to carry your hydration in the case of dissolvables, carrying water or restricted to an aide station for capsules, or the occasional queasiness with more solid options.  I’ve also had my sweat dissolve capsules, hydration bottles leak, and a hell of a time opening things like gels or bars without stopping.  That is one of the main reasons I like the Bfit Electrolyte Spray so much.  Lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use, and you don’t need any additional water to get it down.  The spray form also allows for quicker absorption time…which means less chance of cramping due to diminished electrolytes    Oral absorption gets the product (whatever it may be) into the blood stream much more quickly than swallowing something and having it absorbed in the stomach.  Another huge plus is that you can gradually administer the electrolytes (a spray every few miles) over the course of the run instead of all at once (swallowing a capsule).  There is also very little chance of running out of electrolytes while on a run with the Bfit Spray…one bottle has up to 150 sprays and 6 sprays is considered a dose.  This isn’t to say on longer runs you won’t need to bring something for calorie replacement but a nice even electrolyte supply has been something that I have come to greatly appreciate.

Like with most things in running, nutrition preferences and what works can be highly variable from person to person.  What works for some people won’t work for others and that is why there are so many nutrition companies and a huge variety of products.  I always recommend that people try out as many brands and compositions (gels, sprays, gummies,capsules, etc.) as possible to figure out which products, and combination of products, works best for you.

Overall Bfit Lab’s Rapid Electrolyte Spray is something I highly recommend and it’s a product I carry on almost all my mid to long distance runs.  Check out Bfit Labs for more info and to give it a try!

american runner 2

itsallaboutthemilesmilesmilesAlright, so after a full week of trying out@bfit_labs I can officially say it is for sure a game changer in my training so far. I really enjoyed it at the Giants race Sunday. I didn’t feel the need to chug water at every water station (just a few sips and go) and I didn’t have to drink any of the electrolytes the race provided. I felt completely hydrated the whole run and I didn’t feel sick after like I do if I drink too much power aid or Gatorade or whatever the race provides on that day. And it’s also quick and easy, spray and go. So I can officially say I love it and this will be what I use for my training to CIM😍😍😍

Cooler fall and winter weather is just around the corner. And adults and kids will soon be partaking in their favorite fall andwinter sports: football, soccer, hockey, running, biking, skiing, snow-shoeing, and good, old-fashioned sledding. But in addition to remembering to bundle up for the cold weather, hydration is another important consideration in winter.

We don’t often associate cold-weather exercise with dehydration. The body doesn’t get as hot, and sweat evaporates more rapidly in the cold air. Thus, we’re tricked into thinking we aren’t losing fluids as rapidly.

Dehydration is still a risk when playing in the snow, albeit, for different reasons than summer exercise.

What Causes Dehydration During Winter Months?

In cold weather, the body’s thirst response is diminished (by up to 40 percent even when dehydrated)[i]. This happens because our blood vessels constrict when we’re cold to prevent blood from flowing freely to the extremities. (If you’ve ever had cold hands in winter, you know the feeling.) This enables the body to conserve heat by drawing more blood to its core.

But because of this, the body is fooled into thinking it’s properly hydrated, e.g. you don’t feel as thirsty and your body doesn’t conserve water. Thus, in cold weather, athletes are less likely to drink water voluntarily, and additionally, their kidneys aren’t signaled by hormones to conserve water and urine production increases, a condition call cold-induced urine diuresis.

So diminished thirst response and increased urine production are two contributing factors. Yet, there are several others that can lead to winter dehydration, including:

Wearing extra clothing. Heavy jackets, long underwear and other pieces of warm clothing help your body conserve heat. But the added weight is one factor that makes the body work between 10 and 40 percent harder.[ii] By working harder, the body produces more sweat, contributing to fluid loss.
Increased respiratory fluid loss.[iii] In cold weather, we lose more fluids through respiratory water loss. For example, when you can see your own breath, that’s actually water vapor that your body is losing. The colder the temperature and the more intense the exercise, the more vapor you lose when you breathe.
Sweat evaporates more quickly in cold air. We often think we aren’t sweating in cold, dry weather, because it tends to evaporate so quickly. This is another factor that can contribute to a diminished thirst response.
So the answer is a clear “Yes.” The dehydration risk remains in cold weather. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or spending an afternoon cross-country skiing – don’t forget to hydrate

emma Pro-Cyclist and member of Racing Team Colavita recently used our BFitLabs electrolyte sprays from in the Colorado Rockies. Being a member of a Pro Cycling Racing Team the importance of energy and hydration is paramount. Emma used our spray in the Rockies of Colorado. Emma commented not only did she not cramp on her ride, she commented how well our BFitLabs Spray taste. We look forward to Emma becoming a part of our team and using our electrolyte sprays on her rides and races in the future.

boston 2boston1 Thanks to Jeff for posting this to Instagram. He ran in a50km race in Kansas City in 100 degree heat and had this to say about our electrolyte sprays.

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out some mid long run stomach issues. This little bottle of electrolyte spray from @bfit_labsworked to help in that on Saturday. Lately I have a hard time with all the sugar in electrolyte drinks so this spray was perfect to replace what I was loosing every second out there in that heat. I was able to stick to water 100% of the 5 hours of sweating. I also did @hammernutrition electrolyte pills after each lap and this while on the trails. Getting my stomach back to solid is work but half the battle in ultra running isn’t even the running. I’d highly recommend this stuff for anyone as its rapidly absorbed by the body and easy to take when nothing else sounds good late in a run.

More and more runners, cyclists and athletes are seeing how well our spray works. Have you tried us today?


american runner1 american runner 2 american runner 3 Tim runs marathons and runs them incredibly well. His Personal Best time is 2:39 which is 20 minutes shy of Olympic qualifying time. He recently won a free bottle of our BfitLabs Electrolyte Spray in a contest on Instagram. He used it for his first long run since he ran in the Boston Marathon and was very impressed with how well they worked. More and more runners, cyclists and athletes are finding out about our new spray and the results have been fantastic. If you haven’t already tried them, they are available only on our website. Give us a try today.





Former Tour de France Racer and our Bfit Labs electrolyte sprays. William “Will” Frischkorn is a former professional road bicycle racer, who finished his career with UCI ProTour team Garmin–Slipstream. He retired from professional cycling in September 2009 to take up a non-racing role with the team. Read what Will says about our sprays!

“As an ex-Tour de France cyclist, I’m tuned into my body and know how to perform at my peak. Most supplements aren’t worth their weight in water, but the BFit Electrolyte Spray actually makes a difference. Before and during a run or a ride, I notice my body doing what it does well, but just that that little bit better. Run times, climbing speed, less fatigue during and after exercise, and quicker general recovery are all things I’m attuned to, and this helps with all.”

Thanks Will for using our BfitLabs electrolyte sprays and seeing how well they work.

maryDr. Mary Shackelton in Slovenia after a bike ride and mountain climb with our BFitLabs rapid electrolyte spray. Available only Dr. Shackelton is a Naturopathic Doctor in Boulder Colorado and an avid runner and cyclist. She is a consistent top 3 finalist in many of her races in her age group. She recently won the Title 9 race in Boulder for her age group. She also was a Top Ten finisher in the famous Bolder Boulder race in June. Thanks Dr Mary for sending us your pic from on top of the mountain in Slovenia.

team_hot_legs long run Sunday and 4 weeks of Chicago Marathon training is complete ✔️…nice and easy 13 miles 🏃🏻💭💭 so not really sure why NikePlus app thinks I’m overtraining 🙀 I used Rapid Electrolyte spray (recommended by my awesome running friend@spottedturkey) during my run and all felt really good. The spray is a great alternative to GU gels. It has no calories, no carbs, no sugar, and no food dyes..thanks a bunch @bfit_labs

Why rapid electrolyte spray vs. an electrolyte drink? Scenario: you’re headed out for an 8 miler on a hot sunny day (85 degrees F at 8 am). You know you’ve got to manage a slower pace to manage the heat, so it’s gonna take longer than usual (in this heat you should run at least a minute and a half off your normal pace). And you know that in this heat you should switch to an electrolyte based drink after an hour into your run. But here’s the ugly catch: You know that by the time you go to consume the electrolyte drink, it’s gonna be HOT (lukewarm at best if frozen prior), and worse still, if you’ve made the “smart choice” and are using a sugar free source, there’s no way it’s not going to taste like complete ARSE. SO…you find yourself reaching for more water, consequently, not getting the electrolyte replenishment you need. Now, you’ve run out of water and your left with a hot salty nasty tasting liquid that actually makes you feel more thirsty with every sip. Do you a) chug it down, hoping you don’t vomit, praying all the while that the sugar alternative contained in the drink, sorbitol, doesn’t leave you with a case of the trots, b) Look for a garden hose and hope you don’t experience muscle fatigue and cramping, or c) Just call it quits…maybe tomorrow will be better. Really there’s no good option. So if you’re like me, you need another option. And months ago, I discovered a solution: sportsfoodinc rapid electrolyte spray. With rapid electrolyte absorption, there’s no gastric distress, no sloshing hot liquid to carry or choke away, and best of all, it also has B12 and B6 that, like the electrolytes, are rapidly absorbed by way of liposomes, for an almost instant boost of energy. So, now you can drink water, which is what you really crave in high temps anyway, and you have peace of mind knowing that you are giving your body electrolytes, which it needs.

roodleyThis by far was my worst race ever, but I can’t blame no one but myself for taking 6 months off and gaining weight in the process. Instead of waiting I wanted to do the Spartan Race first just to see where I was condition wise since I took 6 months off racing. The positive is 1) I finished strong, 2) I refused to stop even though at mile 1 I really hurt my right knee, but there was no quitting in me even if I had to walk to the finish line and 3) back to the lab and work on what I need to work on so this performance will NEVER happen again. So at mile 2 I started to feel fatigue start to kick in so I took 2 sprays of Rapid electrolytes spray which came in handy.  First race ever I didn’t cramp up at all and took another 2 sprays at mile 4 to finish strong. I will be using  the spray in the future from you guys thank you.

buffaloHow did rapid electrolyte sprays do at the Buffalo Marathon? Thanks to Jenny for sending this testimonial. “I have to give a shout out today. At the ‪#‎buffalomarathon‬, I had my trusty fruit snacks after every 4 miles…until I got past 16…the heat was hurting and I was nauseous. So I took my @sportsfoodinc electrolyte spray. And hammered the water. I also hit the electrolyte spray immediately after I finished. And I’m totally fine today. Thankful to have a quick and easy electrolyte replacement, especially when I wasn’t in a position to actually eat anything yesterday. The ease of delivery really made all the difference. I’ll be carrying my spray all the time. ‪#‎thankful‬ ⭐️ P.S. want 20% off? Use code: Turkey 😉 P.P.S no perks for posting, just sharing info….I like others to learn from my years of errors whenever possible!”

lynn1lynn2 Thanks to Lynn Wilkins from Alabama who recently posted this to her Instagram account. Her son caught 12 innings in 80 degree, 100% humidity and on the same day she ran 8 miles at high noon as she says. Both used our Bfit Labs rapid electrolyte sprays and beat the heat and humidity of Alabama. Thank you Lynn for the post and being a customer and fan of our new Bfit Labs Sprays from

jellisa 2Recent ‪‎Michigan State‬ graduate and ‪‎track‬ star and current‪ ‎Team Canada‬ star Jellisa Westney with our rapid electrolyte spray.
Need an extra electrolyte boost to get u through workouts? Check out sportsfoodinc ‪‎BFitElectrolyte Spray‬ for a quick and efficient way to keep hydrated and energized. Use promo code “Rio” for an extra 20% off the product ‪#‎SportsFood‬ ‪#‎Hydration‬‪#‎Electrolytes‬ ‪#‎RoadtoRio‬ ‪#‎TrackNation‬ ‪#‎Spartan4Lyfe‬ ‪#‎NextGen‬‪#‎AthleticsCanada‬

fitdadovafifty#sweatyvideoselfies two runs this morning one with Kyle and one with Eli. Kyle and my run was steady, Eli and I did sprints and walk. I ran 7.7@CharityMiles for @wwp. Thanks to#DonateAPhoto for sponsoring me. #JNJ#GlobalMoms @sportsfoodinc berry blast #electrolytes powered me thru. Not always a good idea to go without water for 7 miles. But I managed with the help of the Berry Blast. You gotta get yours!!!! Check out #sportsfoodinc use his Promo code for a discount.

Thanks for the shoutout!!! Works!!!! Shared my other bottle with brother in law as he needs electrolytes and energy to do his pressure washing and paint striping business. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 so I’ll be ordering soon.

Spray Your Way to a Better Workout

Spray2It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since I wrote about how “stripping” changed my fitness routine. On this Motivation Monday, I’m excited to let you know the same company that introduced me to the power of the electrolyte strip has found a great way for everyone to spray their way to a better workout!

Adding a bottle of Bfit Labs Rapid Electrolyte Spray to your gym bag is a great way to stay fueled and hydrated wherever the day takes you. The spray is made by Sportsfood, Inc., the creator of the rapid electrolyte replacement oral thin film strip that dissolves instantly in your mouth. Just like the strips, each spray of Berry Blast of Very Vanilla contains 0 calories, 0 sugars, 0 carbs and 0 food dyes.

In addition replenishing the all-important electrolytes sodium and potassium, the liposomal spray also delivers a shot of vitamins B6 and B12. In addition to drinking water, I gave the spray a try during one of my forever challenging Physique57 workouts: two sprays before the warm-up and two more half-way through class. While I still felt the burn, my muscles didn’t completely give out as quickly and that means I banged out more reps than usual. I can’t wait to see how the spray keeps me moving during my “strictly cardio” days at New York Sports Club and the variety of outdoor activities ahead of us as we march closer to summer.  I should mention one bottle costs $19.95 and contains approximately 180 sprays. If you use up to six sprays per workout, one bottle should last you about a month.

Spray1One final important note: this is not an “energy” spray – it doesn’t contain caffeine or stimulants. It contains only the electrolytes our bodies need to help maintain water balance and prevent muscle cramps and fatigue along with hits of B12 and B6.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know I don’t write a lot of product reviews, but I do like to share fitness or food finds that help me in my own efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I hope that assures you I’m only writing about this particular product because I do consider it a bona fide find for my diet and exercise regimen.

You can find more information and of course order the Bfit Labs Rapid Electrolyte Spray at Of course, if you do try it out, I want to hear from you! Sharing ideas on how we stay active and healthy is a great way to stay the course on the never-ending journey to have fun, be fit and feel fabulous!


Waking up at 530 and heading to the gym is a chore in itself. This morning after I woke up and got to gym I changed my routine by using the Bfit Labs Electrolyte spray from . I was ready to go with no sluggishness after taking a couple of sprays by 6am. My workout was off the charts this morning. Weights for 20 minutes followed by 20 minutes on elliptical, an abs workout, 20 minutes on treadmill, push-ups and finished with a 20 minute bike ride. My energy was never higher and my water intake was significantly lower than usual. I took two sprays about 10 minutes before I started my workout and definitely noticed a difference in my energy and endurance. I will be taking this to our Athletic Director and other Coaches to have them become a part of our schools games. Without the sugar and food dyes, this is a must for our young student athletes. The added Vitamin B6 and B12 are amazing addition , my energy and alertness was noticeably higher. I recommend everyone who works out and plays sports  to add the new Bfit Labs sprays to their game plan.

Don W

High School Hockey and Travel Coach

So I was fortunate enough to get my hands on Sports Food Technologies Bfit Labs electrolyte spray. I will premise this review with the fact that I actually paid for this product and was not asked to review it, but given that I had done a prior review for Sports Food, I figured I would go ahead and let everyone know how awesome this stuff is!

This rapid electrolyte spray is basically Sports Food’s cassettes (read review here), but 10x better, both in taste and functionality.  The flavor that I received was the Margarita spray, at first I was a little apprehensive about tasting it. However after using it I really found it enjoyable in a really strange way. It was a taste that you shouldn’t enjoy, but really do!

This spray is something else. It has all the vitamins and electrolytes you need, and none of the calories or bathroom breaks that sports drinks have and create. I have been using the spray for about two weeks now, and I do notice difference in my energy levels when I use it and when I don’t. This includes working out or just being at work. For example, while writing this I was struggling with energy because I have been at work for six hours and I also have been up since 4:30 am to do a nine mile run. The pick me up is just what I really need. I really like that effects it has, and once again I can’t stress enough how nice it is to be able get the needed electrolytes in me without having to use the bathroom constantly.

I actually used the spray before I raced a 3k last Friday. Using a new product, and not really being sure how it will affect your body during a race is a scary thing. However, it was really awesome that I trusted it, and I wasn’t stuck going to the bathroom every five minutes. For once I could just focus on my warm up and then my race. My race did go well, I was just off a PR (I fell into no mans land and settled), but I didn’t cramp up or feel dehydrated! Success in a tiny 1 ounce bottle!

The product will run you $22.99, but if you order now they have a great special going on. You really get about a month worth of sprays out of it depending on how much you work out and want to use the spray (which I recommend every time). I use it before my runs in the morning, and then again before my swim workouts in the afternoon. This product is going to become a staple in my training and I am grateful for finding it. I highly recommend you use it!

Make the right choice with SportsFood, just like 17 year NHL veteran & Stanley Cup Champion Jim Dowd
All the Best,

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