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No Calories

No Sugar

Each bottle is a 30 day supply

100% Guaranteed!

The Sportsfood Science Behind the BFit Rapid Electrolyte Advantage


The electrolytes, B vitamins, and NAC are filled inside tiny PhosphatidylCholine (PC) liposomes, only 82 nanometers in size (10 times smaller than red blood cells). Think of liposomes as tiny nutrient filled fruits that your body loves. Like a grape, the BFIT nutrients are surrounded by a “skin”. The “skin” is made of brain healthy PhosphatidylCholine. The other all-natural nutrients are contained inside the skin.

Because PC is a major part of the cell membranes in your body, the tiny nutrient packed PC liposomes in BFIT are attracted to, and appear like your body’s cells. BFIT’s PC liposomes merge with your cells and inject the electrolytes and nutrients directly into your bloodstream.

When sprayed, your mouth is instantly coated with BFIT nutrient-packed liposomes which are directly absorbed in your mouth and your GI system is bypassed. The problems associated with consuming electrolyte liquids such as low nutrient absorption, stomach, and intestinal issues are no longer a factor. Using nano-nutrient delivery absorption is increased up to 900% and the time the nutrients are in your bloodstream is typically doubled.

  • Reduce Stomach Cramps… Bloating… Nausea and Vomiting.

  • Reduce Muscle Cramps… Muscle Weakness… Fatigue.

  • Reduce Headaches… Light-Headed Feelings… Faintness.

  • Get a Needed Energy and Electrolyte Boost While On-The-Go With a Few Easy Sprays.

  • Within Seconds of Using BFIT Start Provide Body Nourishing and Energy Boosting Electrolytes and B Vitamins to Your Cells.

  • Replenish The Electrolytes Your Body Needs Even Without Water or When You Cannot Tolerate Any More Sugar-Filled Electrolyte Drinks.

  • Get Needed Electrolytes and B Vitamins Without The Frustration of Carrying a Large Bottle That Weighs Over 2 Pounds.

  • Avoid Hassles of Mixing Electrolyte Powders or Using Expensive Single Use Gels.