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Manufactured in the USA to Strict Certified FDA cGMP Quality Standards

These are the same standards used by pharmaceutical companies to manufacture drugs. This requires strict analysis, quality assurance, testing, tracking and safety from the purity of the raw ingredients then throughout the manufacturing process to the final packaged product.

State of the art equipment and processes are used to insure that the Liposome encapsulation is highly consistent to produce 92% of the Liposomes 82 nanometers or smaller. This is important because effectiveness significantly decreases as liposome size increases, especially over 200 nanometers.


100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee


You Must Be Absolutely Delighted with BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray, If by some small chance you are not, For Any Reason or No Reason, simply return your empty and remaining bottles within 30 days of purchase. No Return Authorizations… No Questions… No Hassles… Once we receive your return we will immediately refund the full amount you paid.


Every Day You May Experience Excessive Electrolyte Loss Without Even Realizing It!  

Every Year Over 6 Million People Are Hospitalized With Low Electrolytes That Are

Essential For Life.

Even everyday non-physical activities such as drinking caffeinated beverages or alcohol, taking prescription drugs (especially diuretics), air travel,  sunbathing on the beach or sitting in the shade on a hot summer day can cause excessive electrolyte losses.

Your electrolyte loss is increased when you exercise, perform physical work, participate in sports or recreation you lose electrolytes at a much higher rate through sweat and respiration. The main electrolytes lost are sodium and potassium (others only small amounts) enable your muscles to work and your heart to beat. Excessive electrolyte loss through sweat and respiration causes an electrolyte imbalance, too much fluid not enough electrolytes. Only drinking water can make the imbalance even worse.


If you have any questions why BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray may not be your perfect electrolyte of choice or an essential electrolyte addition to your gym bag, pack, pocket or car those questions should be answered below. If not, let us know.