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BFIT Electrolyte Spray is the Perfect Energy for Runners

It doesn’t matter if you run in 5Ks, ultramarathons, or if you just go for a quick jog when you get the time. Running feeds our souls, helps us stay fit, and gives us the natural high that we all crave. But what happens when you are halfway through your run and you start to feel a cramp coming on or your energy levels dropping? Sure, water can help - if you have some with you! Staying hydrated is critical to an effective run, but even if you have water, that may not help give you the energy you need to not only finish your run, but finish strong!

This is where BFIT energy spray comes in! This electrolyte spray provides you the hydration you crave as well as the B Vitamins and electrolytes your body needs to continue running with energy and strength and without cramps or bloating.

Seven Reasons to Try BFIT Electrolyte Spray on Your Next Run

1. Portability - No more worrying about carrying cumbersome water bottles or hydration packs. A bottle of BFIT energy spray fits into a tiny pocket - yes, even the smallest of pockets in running shorts!

2. Hydration Without Bloating - Water is important and you should drink it before and after your run, but BFIT Electrolye Spray not only gives energy to runners, but also hydrates you to give your muscles what they need to keep going. What really makes BFIT unique is that it hydrates without needing to intake excessive water, which can lead to bloating. 

3. Fight Cramps Instantly - Every runner has dealt with cramps at some point and we all hate them! With the instant effects of BFIT’s B vitamins and electrolytes, you can fight cramps as soon as they hit. You can even prevent cramps with a few sprays throughout your run. 

4. Don’t Break Stride - We’ve all done it. We feel a cramp coming on or are starting to lose steam on a run and start walking so we can get that drink in. Inevitably, it’s always harder than we think to start back up again. With BFIT energy spray, there’s no need to stop - just give a few quick sprays and keep striding!

5. Natural - There is no sugar, caffeine, or calories in BFIT, just the electrolytes and B Vitamins your body needs. 

6. Instant Effects - When you’re running, you can’t predict when a cramp will hit or when energy levels will drop. Which is why you need to stay hydrated throughout your run. Whether you are having the occasional spray or reacting to something going on in your body, BFIT Electrolyte Spray will provide the energy for runners that is needed, exactly when it is needed. 

7. Sufficient, Not Excessive - We’ve all been there. We leave for a run fully prepared with a hydration pack and on the last ⅓ of the run, we’ve drank everything in our pack. Sometimes, we end up lugging around water for the entire run without drinking it too. All that extra weight for nothing! With BFIT energy spray, you may only need a few sprays, but if you need that extra boost for the last kick, you have it. BFIT energy spray is there when you need it most!

Try BFIT Electrolyte Spray for Your Next Training Run!

When you are training for a distance race, you have to run a lot. Purchasing energy drink powders, chews, or drinks can get expensive (not to mention the waste it creates). BFIT energy spray is also an extremely cost-effective method for runners to have the energy they need. With 30 servings in every bottle, a serving of BFIT runs about 66 cents. Compared to other products that usually run well over $1/serving, BFIT is a great choice when considering your body and your bank account!

Give BFIT electrolyte spray a try on your next trail run, road race, or casual jog - your body will thank you.

Too Good To Be True? Hear How BFIT Works For A Team USA Triathlete

“After trying the new BFIT rapid electrolyte spray, they have become part of my endurance training. They are now an integral part of my performance routine, utilizing them on my bike and prior to my run in triathlons. I don’t get the “dry mouth” during my events, they have aided in fueling me and it has really helped with my recovery. More hydration equals LESS CRAMPS!! Thanks for the great product.

I look forward to using it for all my Team USA events in the Triathlon and Modern Pentathlon.”

James Lenger

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