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World Class Athletes, Trainers, Coaches and Active Individuals Are raving about BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray...

William Frischkorn – Winner, 3rd Stage Tour De France

“As an ex-Tour de France cyclist, I’m tuned into my body and know how to perform at my peak. Most supplements aren’t worth their weight in water, but the BFit Electrolyte Spray actually makes a difference. Before and during a run or a ride, I notice my body doing what it does well, but just that that little bit better. Run times, climbing speed, less fatigue during and after exercise, and quicker general recovery are all things I’m attuned to, and this helps with all.”

Laura DeAngelis, 

Certified Personal Trainer –

National Academy of

Sports Medicine.

“I gave the spray a try during one of my forever challenging Physique57 workouts: two sprays before the warm-up and two more half-way through class. While I still felt the burn, my muscles didn’t completely give out as quickly and that means I banged out more reps than usual. I can’t wait to see how the spray keeps me moving during my “strictly cardio” days at New York Sports Club and the variety of outdoor activities ahead of us as we march closer to summer.”

“Adding a bottle of Bfit Labs Rapid Electrolyte Spray to your gym

bag is a great way to stay fueled and hydrated wherever the day

takes you.“

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Tim Price - Winning in Bermuda!

“I felt completely hydrated the whole run and I didn’t feel sick after

like I do if I drink too much power aid or Gatorade or whatever

the race provides”

“I’ll admit I was a skeptic about it but have used it before/after shorter runs (as well after a night of drinking…) and I could tell it was like drinking an electrolyte drink. This was the first long run I used it on and I can tell you I can’t remember a 17 miler I’ve run in the middle of summer and felt so good. I really like the spray concept over a capsule or drink mix… easier to get down and doesn’t require water. That being said I did stop at mile 12 and 15 for water but that was largely on behalf of my partner. I’m pretty impressed with this stuff.”

Jason T. reaching for

BFIT Spray During Disney 10K

“I’ve gotta admit I was pretty skeptic about this stuff when I first heard of it… tried it.  Turns out I was in for a great surprise…

The concept of a spray electrolyte, as opposed to a capsule or dissolvable, is something I really like the thought of… Bfit Labs has really come out with a great product here.”

“I always have my spray with me…I was training for Chicago Marathon I was getting bad cramps mid run… figured I would give it a try and no cramp issues since… If you are looking for something to replace electrolytes during runs or work outs.

Give it a try.”

X-Training Running Coaches Hanck C. and

Phillip P. - FleetFeet Sports Syracuse

Highlights just one benefit of the pocket-size, 30 serving

bottle of BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray… Simply spray… Replenish electrolytes… Energize… Feel great… Hydrate with water as needed or when able. No Mixing or Mess.

Did You Know? FleetFeet Sports Syracuse was recognized as the #1 Running Store in America in 2012 by

Competitor Magazine.

Jess Davis, Team USA Member -

Modern Pentathlon and Triathlete

Was an amazing first tri of the season after a long spring of training for the Team USA Modern Pentathlon team! Nutrition and hydration has always been my biggest issue with these long multi-sport days. Luckily has helped me push thru that and begin succeeding where I struggled in the past. I can not thank them enough for this fantastic product and can’t wait to see what’s to come in my season”

James Lenger - Triathlon and

Modern Pentathlon Team USA Competitor

“After trying the new BFit Labs rapid Electrolyte Sprays from Sportsfood Inc , they have become part of my endurance training. They are now an integral part of my performance routine, utilizing them on my bike and prior to my run in triathlons. They have also helped immensely before my combined (run/shoot) in the Modern Pentathlon. I don’t get the “dry mouth” during my events, they have aided in fueling me and it has really helped with my recovery. More hydration equals LESS CRAMPS!! Thanks for the great product. Look forward to using it for all my Team USA events in the Triathlon and Modern Pentathlon.”

Emma Grant, Pro Cyclist - Training Ride in Colorado Mountains“Getting a dose of rapid electrolytes on a sunny sweaty day in Colorado no cramping and pretty tasty too!” –  Emma Grant, Colavita/Bianchi Pro Cycling Team Member

fitnesslaura Guess I was a good girl this year. Just got this early gift from Santa - the brand new Orange Creme flavored@bfit_electrolyte spray! Tastes just like a cremesicle - with zero sugar, zero calories and no gluten.

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