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The past week has seen a meteoric in the interest of our electrolyte strips from the world of MMA. Fresh Start MMA was the first to contact us as they saw the benefit Sportsfood can have with their fighters from not only a training point of view but from a weight cutting aid as well. Many of you know , weight cutting is the process of dropping a big percentage of weight in order to fight at a lower body weight. This is also a very taxing and dangerous for your body.

About 65% of the human body is made of water under normal conditions.[6] This makes it tempting for athletes to temporarily lose weight through dehydration prior to weigh-ins. This weight can then be rapidly regained immediately afterwards.

A good rule of thumb for most athletes is to lose no more than 5% of their total body weight through dehydration. Athletes at an elite level often lose more than this. It should not be attempted without a knowledgeable coach and medical supervision.

Immediately before weigh-ins, athletes can put on warm clothes and engage in aerobic exercise to make themselves sweat. Garbage bags can be worn against the skin to eliminate cooling through sweat evaporation.

Some athletes choose to sit in a sauna so that they can sweat without wasting energy. Another technique is to chew gum to induce salivation, then to spit out thesaliva instead of swallowing it.

Athletes should remember to urinate and defecate as this is an easy way to reduce weight. Some athletes may choose to take diuretics and laxatives to aid in this. Some diuretics are banned by the WADA in events such as the Olympics as they mask Steroid detection in post drug tests, some may also have harmful effects on the body.

Losing weight through dehydration is not recommended, as it may lead to decreased performance, and, more importantly, serious injury.

Our strips dissolve in your mouth and since we have zero calories, sugars, and carbs you can safely maintain and replace electrolytes, while weight cutting. This allows you to keep your strength and focus during the process and when you replenish your body, you will come out of it stronger and fitter.

We have also been approached by a major MMA fight promoter and expect this news to be released this week. The amount of new followers and freinds on our social media sites as shown us the MMA world is forward thinking in their ways and embrace our technology to improve their fighters and sport. We will be in many major MMA gyms and expect to have a very long and amazing partnership with all aspects of MMA for a long time.