Rapid Electrolyte Replacement Oral Thin Film Strips Are Now NEW and IMPROVED!

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Sportsfoods’ rapid electrolyte replacement strips will help fuel your body and keep you hydrated for optimal performance. Easy to take,they dissolve in your mouth and rapid electrolyte replacement starts to work.

NO calories, carbs or sugars!

Sportsfoods’ rapid electrolyte replacement strips are a guilt-free, no bloat way to keep your body hydrated for that pre, mid and post workout or game.

Sportsfood Advantages

Sportsfood is dedicated to being the most advanced rapid electrolyte replacement strip while being simple and easy to use.

No calories

Smart packaging

Stay hydrated without the bloat

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Our Clients Love Sportsfood!

It’s about time I gave Sportsfood.com a full review. A few people might know that I used to be sponsored by an “energy drink” …those same people might notice that I am no longer affiliated with them. Simply put: I refuse to encourage people to buy things that are toxic, or that I wouldn’t consume myself or allow my children to use.

One thing to note is, at one time I ditched ALL but two sponsors …I kept Sportsfood inc on my team the entire time. Straight up, this product is one that I believe in, and use.

I hate eating before a workout, and there’s no way in hell I would take a snack mid-workout, because anything beyond a tiny swipe of peanut butter would make me feel weighted down. One thing that I can [and do] take before or in the middle of a killer workout or back-to-backs, are Sports Food Inc’s Electrolyte Strips. They just add that extra edge and replenishment to my workouts that push me past mere mortal levels of performance. My coach’s wife commented the other day that “Man, she just gets in the zone and doesn’t stop” …part of that is work ethic and desire, and the other part is proper nutrition and these electrolyte strips.

Seriously, if you’re even remotely interested, now is the time to try. They’re already priced low, but now they’re offering a pretty rockin’ discount.

Just to clarify, I refuse taking a cut of anything from any of my sponsors, because I believe in their products that much. The only thing I ever ask for are: 1. That they keep me stocked up. 2. That they offer my friends and family a discount for rooting for me.

On a normal day, you can use my “GI Jane” [with the space] code and get 10%, but this special is even better -so capitalize!