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Sportsfoods’ rapid electrolyte replacement strips will help fuel your body and keep you hydrated for optimal performance. Easy to take,they dissolve in your mouth and rapid electrolyte replacement starts to work.

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Sportsfoods’ rapid electrolyte replacement strips are a guilt-free, no bloat way to keep your body hydrated for that pre, mid and post workout or game.

Sportsfood Advantages

Sportsfood is dedicated to being the most advanced rapid electrolyte replacement strip while being simple and easy to use.

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After trying the new BFit Labs rapid Electrolyte Sprays from Sportsfood Inc , they have become part of my endurance training . They are now an integral part of my performance routine, utilizing them on my bike and prior to my run in triathlons. They have also helped immensely before my combined (run/shoot) in the Modern Pentahlon. I don’t get the “dry mouth” during my events, they have aided in fueling me and it has really helped with my recovery. More hydration equals LESS CRAMPS!! Thanks for the great product. Look forward to using it for all my Team USA events in the Triathlon and Modern Pentathlon.

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James Lenger

Team USA

Triathlon/Modern Pentahlon