Rapid Electrolyte Replacement Oral Thin Film Strips Are Now NEW and IMPROVED!

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Sportsfoods’ rapid electrolyte replacement strips will help fuel your body and keep you hydrated for optimal performance. Easy to take,they dissolve in your mouth and rapid electrolyte replacement starts to work.

NO calories, carbs or sugars!

Sportsfoods’ rapid electrolyte replacement strips are a guilt-free, no bloat way to keep your body hydrated for that pre, mid and post workout or game.
Sportsfood Advantages

Sportsfood is dedicated to being the most advanced rapid electrolyte replacement strip while being simple and easy to use.

No calories
Smart packaging
Stay hydrated without the bloat

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I was asked to email you about my experience with the electrolytes stripes.. I had ordered them a while ago and I thought they are a great idea.. We just took a weeks cruise with our children and grandchildren.. I really got sick and went to the ships Doctor who told me I was dehydrated.. She gave me some medicine and advised more water.. Well I had totally forgotten I had some of the strips in my handbag.. So besides drinking more water, I started using them and in no time I really did feel better.. 6 months ago I started walking several miles a few days a week to lose weight and I hate to carry a water bottle so being able to use the strips along with drinking water of course has been very beneficial.. Especially living here in Georgia it’s really hot for us senior citizens..



Toni Cirincione