Rapid Electrolyte Replacement Oral Thin Film Strip

Enhance your performance!

Sportsfoods’ rapid electrolyte replacement strips will help fuel your body and keep you hydrated for optimal performance. Easy to take,they dissolve in your mouth and rapid electrolyte replacement starts to work.

NO calories, carbs or sugars!

Sportsfoods’ rapid electrolyte replacement strips are a guilt free, no bloat way to keep your body hydrated for that pre, mid and post workout or game.
Sportsfood Advantages

Sportsfood is dedicated to being the most advanced rapid electrolyte replacement strip while being simple and easy to use.

No calories
Smart packaging
Stay hydrated without the bloat

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I am a raving fan of these strips!  The SportsFood rapid electrolyte strip was introduced to me in August of 2013.  I first used them during a Crossfit workout and immediately was able to identify how quickly these strips made a positive impact and improved my performance.  It seemed as if the moment I put this in my mouth my body responded. I now use them in the gym, surfing, on the golf course, after happy hour, and anytime I feel a half step slow. Being a former Division 1 Athlete and Coach, I have an extensive background in sports performance.  I have trained and coached numerous professional athletes, and I have worked in the fitness industry for over 11 years.  In that time I have worked with a wide range of athletes, first time gym members, and everyone in between. I have observed a basic although common challenge, we all struggle to stay hydrated.  These strips are the most effective and advanced tool available in the market today to combat dehydration.  They are fast, simple, effective, and boost your performance.  My clients and I love these strips!”


General Manager/Sports Clubs