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At Sportsfood, we strive for optimal performance, whether it be in your workout, game, or in our devotion to you, our customers. We are bringing game-changing products that provide rapid hydration to the sports and fitness world.

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Simply Spray - Rapid Hydration in Seconds!

Sportsfood was founded in 2012. After years of studying performance by athletes and people with active lifestyles, the Sportsfood team developed products using a proprietary and highly confidential Liposomal/Nano particle delivery system formula.

Partnering with our manufacturer and using studies from major universities on nutrition for the athlete has allowed Sportsfood to produce the BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Formula, with approximately 90% absorption in the bloodstream.

Sportsfood products are all-natural and use only the highest level of quality ingredients available. Sportfoods's products are available for retail distribution and purchase online. 


Get The Edge for Your Next Run or Ride

The electrolytes, B vitamins, and NAC are filled inside tiny PhosphatidylCholine (PC) liposomes, only 82 nanometers in size (10 times smaller than red blood cells). Think of liposomes as tiny nutrient filled fruits that your body loves. Like a grape, the BFIT nutrients are surrounded by a “skin”. The “skin” is made of brain healthy PhosphatidylCholine. The other all natural nutrients are contained inside the skin.

Because PC is a major part of the cell membranes in your body, the tiny nutrient packed PC liposomes in BFIT are attracted to and appear like your body’s cells. BFIT’s PC liposomes merge with your body’s cells and inject the electrolytes and nutrients directly into your body’s cells and bloodstream.

When sprayed, your mouth is instantly coated with BFIT nutrient-packed liposomes which are directly absorbed in your mouth and your GI system is bypassed. The problems associated with consuming electrolyte liquids such as low nutrient absorption, stomach, and intestinal issues are no longer a factor. Using nano-nutrient delivery absorption is increased up to 90% and the time the nutrients are in your bloodstream is typically doubled providing rapid hydration when you need it most.

The power packed 1 oz. bottle of BFIT Rapid Electrolyte Spray conveniently fits anywhere. The pocket-size bottle is easily carried in a fanny pack, hydration belt, glove box, gym bag, pants or shirt pocket. So your essential electrolytes and energy boosting B vitamins are always available anytime or anywhere you may need them.

Rapid Hydration for Endurance Athletes

"I started using Bfit three years ago to supplement my long distance cycling. I heard the claims being made about the sub-lingual delivery system and the almost instant pickup provided. What most interested me were the claims for relief of cramping. Like most people, I was skeptical. The claims sounded too good.

I am one of those cyclists who, after about three hours of riding, has problems with leg cramps. I have tried so many pre-ride, and during ride solutions, to mixed success. The first time I tried Bfit I was astounded. I was on a ride, on a hot summer day, about three hours in, with about 4000 feet of climbing behind me, and I started to get that twinge in my inner quad. Within minutes, the first cramping started. Then I remembered the Bfit.

I applied six squirts under my tongue, held it there, and within 30 seconds, the cramping stopped. 

The answer is simple - Don't go on a ride without it. It is great pre, during and post ride. It can save your ass in any situation where you just can't afford to stop. I now not only keep it with me for riding, but in the car for long distance driving. It helps keep me sharp, and gives me a pick up when I am dragging." - Harry W. Rhulen

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Have you tried BFIT Electrolye spray and you love the rapid hydration and energy it gives you? Whether you are an endurance athlete, frequent traveler, or simply like the convenience of instant energy in your pocket, consider joining the Sportsfood team and becoming an affliate marketer for us. 

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You must be absolutely delighted with BFIT rapid electrolyte spray. If by some chance you are not, for any reason, simply return your empty and remaining bottles within 30 days of purchase. No return authorizations. No questions. No hassles. Once we receive your return, we will immediately refund the full amount you paid. 

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