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Sportsfood strives for optimal performance, whether it be in your workout, game, or in our devotion to you, the customer. We bring game-changing products that offer rapid hydration to the sports and fitness world.

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Sportsfood was founded in 2012. After years of studying performance by athletes and people with active lifestyles, the Sportsfood team developed products using a proprietary and highly confidential Liposomal/Nano particle delivery system formula.

​Partnering with our manufacturer and using studies from major universities on nutrition for the athlete has allowed Sportsfood to produce the BFIT Rapid Hydration Electrolyte Formula, with approximately 90% absorption in the bloodstream.

​All Sportsfood products are natural and use only the highest level of quality ingredients available. Sportfoods's products are available for retail distribution and purchase online.

BFIT Electrolyte Spray is perfect for long distance rides and runs, high intensity workouts and endurance events and sports. With fewer bathroom brakes, and ease of use, BFIT is the perfect solution.

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Our Testimonials

"I write this testimonial for Bfit's Rapid Electrolyte Formula by Sportsfood for anyone who is involved in endurance sports, long distance driving, high altitude endeavors, or anything else where electrolyte depletion is an issue.

I started using Bfit three years ago to supplement my long distance cycling. I heard the claims being made about the sub-lingual delivery system and the almost instant pickup provided. What most interested me were the claims for relief of cramping. Like most people, I was skeptical. The claims sounded too good.

I am one of those cyclists who, after about three hours of riding, has problems with leg cramps. I have tried so many pre-ride, and during ride solutions, to mixed success. The first time I tried Bfit I was astounded. I was on a ride, on a hot summer day, about three hours in, with about 4000 feet of climbing behind me, and I started to get that twinge in my inner quad. I knew it meant impending cramping, and I was so pissed. I had a long way to go, and knew it would be miserable. Within minutes, the first cramping started. Then I remembered the Bfit.

I applied six squirts under my tongue, held it there, and within 30 seconds, the cramping stopped. Over the next 2 minutes, the cramping completely went away, along with any twinging.

The answer is simple - Don't go on a ride without it. It is great pre, during and post ride. It can save your ass in any situation where you just can't afford to stop. I now not only keep it with me for riding, but in the car for long distance driving. It helps keep me sharp, and gives me a pick up when I am dragging." - Harry W. Rhulen

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